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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Realize Your Passion

I was reading a guest post on Zen Habits by Mr. Scott Dinsmore of LiveYourLegend.  It made me realize how important creating and keeping our passions alive is in our desire to succeed.  Here are a few of the points from Mr. Dinsmore's list that meant the most to me.  Click on either link above for more.

"Passion is contagious.  People who dream as big as you or bigger. They provide fuel for our passion and make the unimaginable imaginable.  They expect great things to come of their efforts and so will you."
This point justifies joining running or triathlon clubs. Surround yourself with those passionate people of the same interest.

"Create space in your life.  In order to be creative, to think of new ways to challenge yourself, you need space to be alone with your thoughts.   Let things flow freely.  Allow yourself time to dream."
This point triggered an "OH YEAH" moment with me because I solve problems while alone on my runs or in the car.  Any place I can be alone with my thoughts, creativity awakens.

"Scare yourself - live outside your comfort zone.  Passionate people thrive off uncertainty.  They desire the challenge. Do something mildly uncomfortable daily.  Be vulnerable.  Push the limits and live with excitement."
I was brought up with a father who constantly took challenges in life: physically and professionally.  He achieved success with almost everything he did. There was never a failure, just a learning experience.  That's the way I want my life to be.  A daily dose of excitement which breathes more successes than failures. But I will take the failures as they come.  They will build a stronger me.

"Continue to Learn.  Become obsessed with learning everything you can. New skills, approaches, ideas, everything will feed the brain.  Be a sponge".
There isn't a day that goes by when I don't want to read or learn something new.  I want to age in a way that allows me to keep growing and fosters a healthy mind.

"Everything you do, everything you try, everything that does or doesn't work out, whether you like it or not, it's all an experiment.  It's up to you to decide to learn from it.  That's the ultimate daily practice."

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