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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just keep going

If you run in the early morning hours, there will be those days when it's tough getting yourself out from underneath the sheets.
The alarm sounds "Didn't I JUST set that?"  and you shut it off.  You think "I don't want to get up yet" and your mind continues to go back and forth reasoning why you must run and then coming up with an excuse not to run.  Before you know it, 15 minutes has passed.  If you're going to get that run in before work, you have to get up NOW! 

Maybe you're like me, struggling with the thought of getting my body into running mode right up until the Garmin is on my wrist.  Once I hit the road, I'm into it.  The first 3 miles are warm up miles when my mind says run but my legs say stop.  That's the other hurdle to cross.  Now I'm running.

The schedule says:  8 miles.   As I run along, my thoughts drift to the dog that will need to go out and most of the time, runs with me.  But he has a day off and is still asleep beside his other master in the cozy bedroom.  I start to make excuses to shorten my run.  "I can do 6 miles then 2 easy with the dog".  As I get to the 5 mile point, I begin to ADD miles.  "I'll do 8 miles then an extra 2 with the dog".   Inevitably, the longer run wins out.  I just keep going and it feels so good.  The morning was made for running and I'm left with feelings of accomplishment.  Now I can do anything on this day. I think I'll reach for the moon!

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