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Thursday, October 27, 2011

That Time of Self Doubt

There comes that time in your marathon training program when you begin to doubt yourself. 

You look over your training program and wonder if you've logged enough miles.  You wonder if you have done enough speed work.  You wonder how you will push through the "wall" if you should meet it.  

All sorts of negative thoughts begin to come to mind.  There are only a few weeks left and you are getting tired.  You just want to run for fun again. Set out on a run for how ever many miles you want, at whatever pace you want, and without looking at any schedule or required weekly miles. 

Oh let me run for fun again! 

What kind of self talk can you do to push through this tough time in your training?

First, you need to get some motivational messages written down to keep yourself going.  For example:
"This is such a short time in the rest of my life, I can do this".    "I'm strong. I'm powerful. I'm healthy. I'm a marathon runner".   "I made it to the start, I'll make it to the finish".

Second, you need to trust in your training.  You put in the miles, you're ready. Go for it. Just do it.

Third, read.  Read about racing strategies, and most importantly, try to find information about the marathon course you will be running.

Fourth, drive the marathon course. Become familiar with the course you will run. As suggested in number three, read about the course.  You may even be able to find a video that takes you along the course route. 

Fifth, be calm.  You're getting tired. You're still training to the max.  Once you hit the taper phase, in that last week, your legs will have renewed energy. 

Sixth, make a race week plan, most importantly, the last couple of days and day of your race. Plan out your exercise, your eating, your race clothes.  Make sure you know what you need before, during and after the race by way of nutrition, clothing, and gear.  There are sites that will offer a check list for marathon race day.  Down load it and go through it. Suggestion:

Keep calm.  Keep it fun. Run so you want to run again. Don't be cruel to yourself.  Run on friend and enjoy!

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1 comment:

G. said...

Hi Joanne, I am less than a couple of weeks into my training program for my first marathon and I am already doubting it... will that be enough? will I be able to run all the way?
I am browsing the blogs to find experienced running women like yourself, and I would be more than happy if you could visit my blog and give me some advice :)
(and I will keep reading your blog anyway)