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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just Try Again

After reviewing the week preceding my last half marathon, I knew I had sabotaged my performance.

  1. I paid no attention to my nutrition, even had wine the evening before the race.
  2. I took the course for granted assuming it would be flat and unchallenging.
  3. I took my training for granted.  Since 16 to 18 milers had been run prior to my half marathon, it was in my mind that I could easily accomplish 13.1. 
  4. There was no taper in my schedule. In fact, a 32 mile bike ride, a 5K race (even though it was slow) and a full 12 hour day on my feet a day prior to the race was just plain STUPIDITY.
Instead of sitting around wondering what COULD have been, I signed up for another Half Marathon and will set myself up right. The race is Saturday, September 10th:  ARC Race 2011.  The course is certified by the USATF and it's in support of people with developmental disabilities. 

My training week:
Monday:  8 mile run with 2 minute x 9 Fartleks.  15 minutes warm up and a 30 minute cool down.
Tuesday:  7 mile run.  4 miles running at 10K pace and 3 minutes easy to finish.
Wednesday:  4 1/2 miles. 35 minutes of building up from an easy pace to a 5K pace.
Thursday:  6 mile run.  Minimum of 30 minutes in between 5K and 10K pace. Finish at an easy but working pace.
Friday:  OFF
Saturday at 9AM = Truth will tell.

Clean, low fat diet.
Breakfast: Oatmeal and fresh fruit start each day coupled with a whey isolate protein shake.
Snack foods are plain, Greek yogurt with 1 TBS raisins and 1 TBS almonds or mixed nuts.  In the morning, a Hammer Nutrition Bar.
Lunch: A large fresh green salad with carrots and hummus, beans or sweet potato for carbohydrates, and tuna, salmon, or vegetarian patties for protein.
Dinner: One 4 oz serving of fish or vegetarian protein coupled with cooked vegetables.
For exercise supplements, I take Hammer Gels
They taste clean and light. I will begin each run with either Hammer Perpetuem or Sustained Energy.  *The liquids are easy to digest when exercising so early in the morning.

The plan is in place. I won't do anything to jeopardize my race.  If I don't achieve my goal time, I will  need to adjust training paces for the up coming marathon in November.  Why?  Because if a person trains at paces too fast for their ability, they set themselves up for injury.  There is a difference between pushing your self and fooling yourself.  It's not giving up, it's being smart.

Check back to see the results after the race and... wish me luck!

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